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Usage methods

Port supports a variety integrations, apps and tools that allow you to model your software catalog, ingest data and invoke actions, some of the core setup methods are:

  • Port's API;
  • Port's Terraform provider;
  • Port's web UI.

See the section below to understand how to use the different methods to define your blueprints and relations:


To use Port's API and Terraform provider, you will need API credentials.

To get your Port API credentials go to your Port application, click on the ... button in the top right corner, and select Credentials. Here you can view and copy your CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET:

Port's API provides a convenient REST interface to perform CRUD operations in your software catalog.

Port's API base URL is:

The API supports all common HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE

All API endpoints follow a resource based access schema, for example:

  • Blueprint based routes start with:;
  • Entity based routes start with:{blueprint_identifier}/entities (because they are a resource tied to blueprints);
  • Self-service action based routes start with:{blueprint_identifier}/actions;
  • Scorecards based routes start with:{blueprint_identifier}/scorecards;
  • etc.

To learn more about the JSON structure of different API objects, refer to their respective category and structure reference, for example - blueprint structure.

Check out Port's API reference to learn more.