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With Port, you can import and display Markdown files as tabs.

By using the combination of "type": "string and "format": "markdown" in a Blueprint property, Port will format and display the markdown text in the Specific entity page.

Definition in Blueprintโ€‹

"title": "Markdown Property",
"type": "string",
"format": "markdown",
"description": "A Markdown property"


Here is how the Markdown tab in the specific entity page appears when markdown text is provided:

Markdown Example

Markdown Edit Example


The markdown widget also supports Mermaid, a diagramming and charting tool that uses text and code to generate diagrams and charts.

To use Mermaid with the markdown widget, all you need to do is add mermaid syntax to the markdown property. You can refer to the Mermaid Examples for more examples and information on how to use it.

Markdown Mermaid Example

Mermaid diagram example
participant ClientService
participant PaymentService
participant InventoryService
participant ShippingService

ClientService->>PaymentService: Request Payment
PaymentService-->>InventoryService: Update Inventory
InventoryService-->>ShippingService: Ship Order
ShippingService-->>InventoryService: Confirm Shipment
InventoryService-->>PaymentService: Update Payment Status
PaymentService-->>ClientService: Return Payment Status