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Get all action runs



This route allows you to fetch all action runs in your Port account. The route will perform a logical AND between all query parameters below, and return all action runs that match the criteria.

To learn more about action runs, check out the documentation.


Query Parameters

    entity string

    The identifier of the entity associated with the action run.

    blueprint string

    The identifier of the blueprint associated with the action run.

    active boolean

    If true, only running action runs will be fetched.

    user_email string

    The email of the user who initiated the action run.

    limit number

    Possible values: >= 1 and <= 50

    The maximum number of action runs to fetch.

    external_run_id string

    The run id of your backend, for example the id that GitHub gives the workflow. This can be used to identify the action run instead of the run_id.