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Port API


This API is documented in the OpenAPI format and provides programmatic access to Port and its components.

The API describes the various routes available for use, and can be used directly from the browser by using the Send API Request button on the right side of each route's page.

Port is API-first, meaning that this API allows you to achieve any and all of its functionalities.
You can read from and write to your software catalog, execute & interact with your self-service actions, fetch & update your scorecards, and much more.


To use the API, you need to obtain a Bearer API key from your Port application:

  1. Go to your Port application, click on the ... button in the top right corner, and select Credentials.

  2. Click on the Generate API token button, and copy the generated token.

Using the API from the browser

Each route in the API documentation has a Request panel on the right side.

  1. In the bearer field, paste the API token you obtained from your Port application.
  2. Under Parameters, fill in your desired values.
  3. Under Body, you can edit the request body freely and change the parameter values as you wish.

Once you're ready, click the Send API Request button to execute the request, the response will be displayed below.

Alternatively, you can use the panel in the top right to copy a snippet in your desired language to use in your application. Note that these snippets will be updated with the values you filled in the Request panel.


Port's API is available in two regions:

  • Europe:
  • United States:

When using the API from the browser, you can switch between regions using the dropdown in the Try it out panel, by hovering over the Base URL field and clicking on Edit: