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Team is an input used to reference teams that exist in Port.

💡 Common team usage

The team input type can be used to reference any team that exists in Port, for example:

  • The service owning team
  • The current on-call
  • The lead maintainers

In the live demo self-service hub page, we can see the scaffold new service action whose Owning Team input is a user input. 🎬

API definition

"myTeamInput": {
"title": "My team input",
"icon": "My icon",
"description": "My team input",
"type": "string",
"format": "team",
"default": "my-team"

Check out Port's API reference to learn more.

Terraform definition

resource "port_action" "myAction" {
# ...action properties
user_properties = {
string_props = {
myTeamInput = {
title = "My team input"
description = "My team input"
format = "team"
default = "my-team"